Configure Integrations

Setup Slack Notifications

Adding Slack integration into your account allows NemesisHQ to send notifications to the desired Slack channel when the following happens:

  1. A network goes online or offline
  2. A new device is discovered
  3. A managed device goes online or offline

Authenticate Slack Account

As an Account Holder, login to NemesisHQ using your account credentials and navigate to the Account Integrations page form your account dashboard.

Alert Dashboard

Once you have reached the Account Integrations page, click the Add to Slack button. This will redirect you to slack where you can select the account/team you wish to sync.

Add to Slack

When completed you will be redirected back to the Account Integrations page where you can test sending messages to the various channels associated with your Slack account. This can be accomplished by selecting a channel from the select menu and clicking Send.

The following message should be sent to the selected channel:

Test Slack

Configure Network Notifications

Once Slack has been integrated properly, navigate to you the Network you wish to receive notifications from and select the Notification Integrations menu option.

From this page, select the channel you wish to receive notifications on from the select menu and click Update to save your changes.

Done! You should now receive messages when the selected network experiences events.