July-2020 (Version 2.0 - Trumpet)

Road to GO

In what amounts to our biggest, most ambitious feature release to date, Nemesis now introduces the ability to inspect and report on devices across Multiple Networks and VLANs from a single, easy to install, polling service.

While this feature has long been part of our roadmap, the technical challenges associated with producing a scalable solution to address this need have not been trivial and it is with great craftsmanship pride that we are pleased to announce this long-anticipated feature is now available.

Nemesis was born out of necessity and brought to life by a small group of passionate network engineers and developers who firmly believe in building a better mousetrap. The single motivational driver behind this project has been to provide a highly intuitive, vendor agnostic, Network Monitoring tool that just about anyone can use.

Trump Release Monopoly Board

Whether you desire to know the network status at your chain of hotels lined up from Marvin Gardens through Boardwalk and Park Place or simply need something to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi at your Dad’s house on Baltic Ave. Nemesis can help.

We know we still have a long way to go but hope you will join us on the journey.

Included Features

  • Monitor Multiple Networks and VLANs
  • Drill down to network-specific data
  • UI/UX enhancements to general navigation to promote ease of use
  • Select between multiple color theme options (light, dark, and mocha)
  • Select and save favorite filters to quickly return to specific app levels